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Frequently Asked Questions

When is rent due?

The first of every month. You have until the 5th to get the payment in with no late fees BUT if it comes in after that it is assessed $5.00/ per day beginning the 1st of the month. For example, if we receive your payment of the 6th, then you have already earned late fees in the amount of $30.00.

Do you send a bill every month?

No. Every tenant has online access to their rental account 24/7. You can log on and see the balance due, who paid rent, any maintenance charges or fines.

Can I pay my rent online?

Yes, you can AFTER move in. You CAN NOT pay security deposit or FIRST Month’s rent online – it must be a check, money order or cash. Once all the paperwork is received and your rental account is created then you will receive online payment portal credentials in your move in welcome packet.

Can I pay my rent and parking together?

No, give us two checks. One check for your rent and one check for your parking fee. In the memo line of the checks, be sure to put your name and apartment number. Example: Jane Doe, Orlando #2 OR Jane Doe, Orlando Parking #2.

Why do you need a parental guaranty?

Because most students have no job, no financial means to pay for an apartment. If someone is helping you to pay your living expenses then that’s the person(s) we want to fill out and provide the parental guaranty. We want that person to understand the financial obligation and commitment you are making when signing a lease.

My parents do not want to sign the parental guaranty form, will you still rent to me

We will still rent to you but rent must be paid in full upfront. The entire rental amount for the year would be due August 1 of the lease starting month.

Is the Unit cleaned before I move in?

Yes, we subcontract with a third party cleaning company that cleans the units prior to move in.

When do I get my keys?

On move in day, we hand out the Move In Welcome Packet to ONE person from each unit that has turned in ALL of the items needed to complete the rental account.
Each tenant will receive one key that unlocks your apartment door. Please make sure the key(s) you receive on move in day does work. Under no circumstance is the tenant allowed to:
• Change any locks in the unit
• Make additional copies of their keys
• Install any locks in the unit

What if I find something wrong with my unit on move in day?

You will receive a Move-In Checklist in your Move In Welcome Packet – Please fill out this form completely. You MUST return this form to us within 10 days of your move in date. ALL tenants must sign this form. For any repairs you may need upon move in, you must complete the MAINTENANCE WORK ORDER and return promptly.

Do you inspect our units?

Yes, we do Quarterly Walk-Throughs – we will conduct walk-throughs during Thanksgiving Holiday, Christmas Break, Spring Break and Pre-Turnover. Walk-throughs are made so we at Legacy Realty can ensure the quality of your apartment during your residency with us. You do not need to be present during the walk through.

How do I get my mail?

On move in day, please label the inside of your mailbox with the new names of each tenant. This must be completed for any mail to be delivered to your address. If you should receive mail that belongs to a previous tenant, mark that envelope return to sender and place in the mailbox.

Should I get renter’s insurance?

We encourage you to get it! The tenant is responsible for obtaining renter’s insurance for personal belongings. In general, renter’s insurance is not expensive, and can provide substantial protection and peace of mind.

Where should I throw my garbage?

All garbage must be disposed of in the designated dumpsters or refuse carts at your unit location. Bulk item(s) can be disposed of by the curb at no expense. We inspect each dumpster site once a week. If trash is found any place other than a dumpster or in the refuse carts, every resident in that unit will be charged for the proper garbage removal. There are recycle totes at each unit location. Please check your Move In Welcome Packet for recycling guidelines.

Packet for recycling guidelines.
Dumpster Pick Guidelines for Move Out
Please remove ALL items from your unit when you move out. Only bagged trash gets placed in the dumpster.
Items that DO NOT go in the dumpster:
• Furniture – couches, chairs, mattresses, desks, dressers, etc.
• Mini -refrigerators
• Microwaves
• Electronics – computer monitors, televisions, game systems,
• Air Conditioners
• No hazardous waste or chemicals
• Car parts – batteries, tires, etc.

Do NOT block dumpsters, roadway or sidewalks.

Is there parking at my unit?

It varies by property. Most of the units have parking available at an additional cost and you must complete an application to get a spot. Please submit payment along with your application.
If you have purchased a parking permit, please park in your designated lot/space with your parking permit displayed. If you do not have a parking permit, you do not have permission to park on Legacy property and will be ticketed/towed at your own risk. Temporary/guest parking is charged at $5 per day and a parking pass can be picked up at the Legacy office during normal office hours.

If have questions or a complaint, who do I talk to?

Email us for any questions or concerns during your residency with Legacy Realty, please email us at info@legacystatecollege.com. Please make sure you add the Legacy address to your contact list or our emails will go to your junk mail.

How do I request maintenance?

For any maintenance requests throughout the year, please email us. It is important you have all of your requests in writing so if we do not take care of them you have proof of making the request. For Afterhours emergencies – The Emergency Maintenance phone number is 814.283.4435.

What if I get locked out of my unit?

During regular business hours – Monday through Friday – 9:00 am until 4:00 pm – call the Legacy Realty office to see if we have a spare key you can borrow. You will need to return it within 24 hours or you will be charged a lock change.
After hours or weekends – Call the EMERGENCY maintenance number – 814.283.5543
Don’t kick in your door – you will be charged for all the damages to repair the door, frame and a lock change.

Can we move in early?

No. We need time between tenants to repair damages, paint and clean the units. Call a storage company to place a temporary storage unit for your possessions between leases.

Can we have parties?

You are college students, we realize that and we want you to have a real college experience BUT don’t have people over and let it get out of control.

Be aware if you have a party it is in violation of your Lease Agreement with Legacy Realty & Property Management.
No Party Addendum

Tenant acknowledges the landlord wishes to maintain the apartment building/community as a quiet place for people to live and study. Consequently, NO parties are permitted in any tenant’s unit, described as a gathering of more than five (5) people in addition to excessive noise and complaints or possession of a keg, shall also constitute a violation of this addendum. Resident acknowledges that a violation of the no party rule will result in an automatic a fine of $(EQUIVALENT TO ONE MONTHS RENT) and constituting a default of the lease.
Furthermore; if tenant does violate the party rule and the party results in vandalism, malicious mischief or damage to the unit, building, common areas or the apartment tenant will be responsible for all damages that occurred during the gathering whether caused by tenant, tenant’s family, tenant’s guests or anyone during the day of the party. Additional party restrictions are mentioned in the Rules and Regulations section of the lease. The Residents or their guarantors shall pay fines to the Landlord within five (5) business days of the party violation.
Violating the No Party Addendum is grounds for termination of your Lease Agreement, and failure to pay the associated fine could result in termination of your occupancy.

How do I get my security deposit back

1. ALL tenants are moving out – On the last day of the lease – all keys, professional carpet cleaning receipt, and security deposit return forms must be turned into the office. You MUST submit your Security Deposit Return Form or we don’t know where to send your Final Statement of Security Deposit. After you move out we inspect and photograph your unit according to the Move Out Guide. Any repairs and cleaning is charged against your security deposit. The Final Statement of Security deposit is sent out to the addresses YOU provide on the Security Deposit Return Form via USPS certified mail within 30 days of your lease expiration date. Someone will need to sign for it at your address!
2. ALL tenants stay in the SAME unit from one year to the next
a) The entire security deposit amount is transferred from the current years lease to the next years lease.
b) The tenants must pay their increase
3. Some tenants stay another year and some tenants move out
a) Departing tenants relinquish their right to the security deposit
• Incoming new tenants and renewing tenants ALL sign an As Is form
• Incoming new tenants work out the security deposit payment with departing tenants
• Incoming & new tenants pay security deposit increase
• Legacy does NOT do a walk through inspection for damages – the unit remains in the possession of the tenants
b) Departing tenants DO NOT relinquish their right to the security deposit
• Incoming new tenants and renewing tenants ALL sign an As Is form
• Incoming new tenants and renewing tenants ALL pay the security deposit
• Legacy does a walk through inspection for major damages (repairs to appliances, floors, holes in the walls) at the end of lease and a Final Statement of Security Deposit is prepared. No cleaning or painting is assessed.

What do I do with my keys at move out?

Some of the tenants are moving out and some are staying – the departing tenants must make arrangements to leave their keys with the remaining tenants.

ALL tenants departing – ALL keys must be turned in to Legacy Realty on or before move out date. Even if the keys are received later the locks will already be scheduled for re-keying and the Final Statement of Security Deposit will be assessed.